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I recently had the opportunity to compare business notes with the legendary Nneka Isaac-Moses of Goge Africa Travel TV Show. An embodiment of knowledge and experience, we conversed on the positive power of the silent treatment. You see, she began, the travel business is a volatile and peculiar terrain - where your staying power depends...
The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MoTAC) has hinted of its readiness to digitize the collection and administration of fees at tourist sites and national monuments to effectively rake in the needed revenues. The move has become necessary to reduce the systemic corruption and siphoning of state financial resources into private hands, said the...
Protocols. Just a week ago, we held the Security Summit here at this venue. This summit further demonstrates our commitment to find alternative platforms that can enrich our State and propel her prosperity continuously. We are very proud of our culture and heritage. It has become very clear and evident; that there is no other concentration of...
Are you ready to show the beauty of Nigeria through magnificent photography? The U.S. Mission Nigeria invites Nigerians to compete in its NaijaGems Photography contest to raise awareness of Nigeria’s natural beauty. Ambassador W. Stuart Symington who has visited all 36 states in Nigeria and initiated the competition said, “There are all across this country...

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