11 Things You Don’t Know About November Babies

If you know them, count it all joy. If you misunderstand them, it’s not your fault. They’re as special as they come. Checkout the characteristics of those of us born In November.

1) They love alone time. They are very secretive and private people

November born are very private people and find it difficult to trust other people with their secrets which is why they love alone time to protect their true self from that cunning world. They socialize with people but that is on their own terms. Even in privacy they are very honest and true.

2) It is very hard to understand them 😉 Everybody gets them wrong

They are always misunderstood because of their private nature. They are very soft people at hearts and very sweet. They can never hurt anyone intentionally but are always taken as people who have an issue with harmony. They are often blames for a lot of things they are innocent of.


3) Their mind works very differently from the rest of the crowd. Think Out of the box types!

They are very creative people. Innovation is a part of their character be it in any form. You won’t find another soul like them because they are one of a kind. They have a totally different approach towards life and have a very different way of doing things which makes them very special.

4) They make the most loyal friends 😉 Extremely loyal

November born are the definition of trust and loyalty. When they devote their loyalty to somebody, they keep it with their lives. You won’t find a November born cheating on their friends. They can do anything to protect their friends and are highly appraised and respected for this trait.

5) They neither indulge not accept unjust activities. No silence for injustice

November born people are known to be very revolting if they see any sort of injustice being done with themselves or their friends. They have very strict rules when it comes to right and wrong and follow them with all their heart. They always speak up if something wrong is happening around them. They are not afraid to show disagreement which is why they are often misunderstood.


6) They are very attractive 😉 Sexy and they know it

Not just in looks but also by personality. The mysterious trait of November born people is what attracts people. Most of the people around them are jealous of them because of their popularity and the awesome qualities that they possess.

7) They are very diligent people 😀 100% committed and hardworking

When they start doing something they do it with all their workforce and knowledge. They are very laborious and are known to extract results from every work that is assigned to them. Perfection is what they seek. They don’t compromise with people who do not give their hundred percent in their work.

8) They like to do things with unusual approach 😛 Silent motivators. Always going down off the beaten paths a road not taken

They cannot suppress their curiosity and basic instincts to try to do things in their own unique ways. They are experimental with their roles which are why they end up discovering new things about themselves and their surroundings. Their way for work is an inspiration for the people around them and they are silent motivators.

9) Sometimes their emotions are all over the place 🙁 Too Emotional at times

It comes as a weakness to people born in November. They are known to lose heart when things don’t seem to work out or they are not able to get out of a situation. They are very vulnerable when they are highly emotional and people tend to take advantage of this. They are very soft at heart and when emotional, they open up to anyone around them.

10) They are easily provoked 😛

Usually you will find that people born in November stay out of fights and arguments but when provoked they can be real fighters. Their anger is something that you want to avoid after all you don’t want to awaken the scorpion in them. Once angered, it is very difficult to calm them.

11) They are very modest and humble 😀 Dynamic Personality

They have a heart as clear as crystal. It is very easy to touch their emotional chord with sentimental talk which exposes them to weaknesses. They possess intellect as well as modesty which is why they are the true gems.


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