What I learned about Italy

For breakfast, it’s usually something sweet, with coffee/espresso.

Ice is not served in restaurants.

Plus size and Big & tall stores/boutiques are pretty much nonexistent.

They LOVE to kiss! The men will grab their women and sensually kiss them in public. 😚😍😜😛😝

THE MEN ARE GORGEOUS… not cute, but GORGEOUS!!! LAWD HAVE MERCY…you’d STAY pregnant lol…

You can not stand on a corner and hail a cab! You must call for one in advance! Also, Rome has underground rail, above ground train, a trolley and a bus system. So there is NO EXCUSE for being LATE!

sam-adeleke-dtn2018Restaurants close at 3pm and reopen at 7pm. Full bottles of wine cost less than a half glass of wine in an African restaurant!

They are more than willing to speak English, but it’s usually a lot of “uhmmmmm, how do you say ehhhhh….” in the conversation.

Italy is small. But they’re hearts are BIG.

They stare. You stare back at them 😳😬, they look away, but WILL continue to stare a bit later.

If you’re Black, get comfortable with being the only black face in the crowd.

I realized that I’ve dressed like an Italian my whole life. Thanks Momma Mia!

In Milan, ALL Uber drivers utilize black Mercedes Benz E-Class.

Many have asked, “how was your trip?”

I’m going back! Italy is where it’s at!


By Torio S. James


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