Overland Airways commences flights to Cotonou and Lome from Lagos

As part of plans to stimulate economic activities and provide integration in the West African sub-region, frontline Nigerian airline, Overland Airways from August 12, 2018, will commence flight services from Lagos to Cotonou, the republic of Benin and Lome, Togo republic.

The airline stated that it will be venturing on this journey as part of its drive to participate actively in the regional socio-economic activities, boost interconnectivity and regional unity.

overland airwaysMaking the announcement at its office at the Domestic Airport in Lagos, Chief Operating Officer, Mrs. Aanu Benson said the airline will fly Lagos-Cotonou- Lome four times a week, on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

According to her, the flight will be departing Lagos at 19:00 to arrive Cotonou at 19:25 and depart again for Lome at 20:00 and arrive at 20:30. The flights will also depart Lome at 21:00 to arrive Lagos at 21:45.

Speaking on the need for overland to venture into the fray, the COO said, “One of the most important missing factors facing sustainable economic transformation in West Africa is smooth inter-connectivity. Over the coming years, Overland Airways will facilitate a new environment for business, leisure travellers, families, students and more essentially bolster that bonding amongst the peoples and groupings in the region. There is need to reinforce unity and prosperity at the regional level.”

Responding to questions on the route, Mrs. Benson said, “Overland flying into these new West African routes is part of the business model of the airline to give access to remote and underserved routes.”

On equipment Mrs. Benson stated that the airline will service the routes with its ATR-42 and ATR-72 aircraft, suitable for the type of operations the airline offers.

According to Benson, Overland has the track record and will sustain the market despite the myriads of players currently operating into the west coast.

“We believe the sky is wide enough for all or as many airlines as possible so every new airline is welcome, the more the airlines; the more the services to the passengers. For Overland, we are offering safe, reliable and affordable flights and at the end of the day the passenger has more choices and more options.”

Speaking on, On Time Performance (OTP) and aircraft type Bello said, ” We take this very importantly, it is a key factor and we will work hard to do that. In terms of our fleet, what is most important is that they are well-maintained and our aircraft type fit well into our business model.”

Also speaking on the airline’s focus and drove, Executive Director Mrs Aduke Atiba said the airline is poised to service the sub-region and was receiving all the support they desired for the operations in terms of regulation from government through its agencies.


Source: nigerianflightdeck.com


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