What Florida should learn from Seychelles’ battle against smelly beach seaweed

seaweed-2Florida in the USA has its team work for hours every morning with large machines to chop up the seaweed and bury it — or use dump trucks to haul it away. They clear thick mats of brown, squishy stuff that smells like rotten eggs, so beach-goers can enjoy seaweed-free beaches. In Seychelles, that same seaweed is now exploited by Bernard Port Louis and his son Benjamin. The father and son team have finally started producing liquid fertiliser for foliage and pulverised cooked and dried seaweed for soil conditioning from their Seaweed Factory at Baie Ste Anne at Praslin. They started from scratch with research work done through the biggest research organisation, the CSIRO of Australia.

We can and should say congratulations to Bernard Port Louis who has started to have enquiries from far and wide for his ‘patented’ product made out entirely of seaweed that is washed up on beaches!


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