This 10-Year-Old Winner Of Ghana DJ Awards Is A Wonder to Behold

dj-switchErica Tandoh is DJ Switch, an award-winning musician from Ghana who has become a household name around the world.

Just 10 years old, DJ Switch already made history by becoming the youngest-ever winner of the annual DJ Awards for 2018 in her home country of Ghana.

The Ghanaian musician also won TV3’s Talented Kids contest in 2017.

Soft-spoken and self-assured, DJ Switch told the BBC that she loves music, but wants to be a gynecologist when she grows up because she “wants to help women.”

DJ Switch loves school. She attends the Talented Royals International School in Accra, where she is studying trumpet, drums, piano, dance and computer skills.

“Being a young DJ is not that difficult,” she told BBC. “When you are being taught in school you pick everything fast. So when you are being taught to DJ you also pick it up fast.”

DJ Switch’s talent caught the attention of U.S. actress, activist and author Gabrielle Union.

On a recent TalentsGH TV interview, DJ Switch showed that her young age isn’t an impediment to handling the limelight. Here’s an excerpt from that interview:

DJ Switch interview

Interviewer: Are you Ghana’s No. 1 DJ?
DJ Switch: You can judge yourself.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite player?
DJ Switch: I don’t have a favorite. As a DJ you don’t need to have a favorite. Every artist is my favorite. As a DJ you need to watch videos of other DJs.

DJ Switch said she started rapping at age 9 and was encouraged her mom. “It’s a talent in me,” she said. “My mommy saw that I like music. I can sing. I can rap. I was watching talented kids. My mommy asked me, can I try it, and I said yes.”

Weekdays, she said, are strictly for school “and my books, but weekends, holidays, I can rest.”

DJing is a talent but gynecology is a career, DJ Switch said: “I want to be a gynecologist to help people and their problems in their organs, especially mothers giving birth.”

DJ Switch has a single out called “Deceiver” that she made with her mother. You can also watch it here.


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