Come Experience the World’s Oldest Iron Smelting Slag in Enugu, Nigeria

Associate Professor Pamela Ijeoma Eze-Uzoamaka stunned the Enugu State Executive Council, Nigeria, few days ago.

She and her team of archeologists presented her findings about the ancient iron smelting slag in Otobo Ugwudinoke village square in Lejja, Nsukka Local Government Area of the state.

The slag is over 4000 years old, stacked in a remote village square in the community, making it perhaps the oldest iron smelting site in Africa and the world. Did this discovery shock you as it shocked the world?

The state government might construct the road leading to the community and turn the village square into a heritage, tourist site.

Then again, people were processing iron in Enugu state before Abraham was born. Abraham is reportedly the father of both the Jews and Arabs. I don’t want to personally call any of the West African Jews out but I hope this will gradually sink in!

By Mbe Nwaniga


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