The UNILAG trip that saved my life

UNILAG-SCHOOL-FEES-FOR-NEW-AND-RETURNING-STUDENTSWe blame people for making wrong choices but we forget that some just need to be in the right environment to make the right choice.

I was just a student hoping to complete my secondary school and start a family and give birth. Not sure how that’s done. But I was only exposed to the influence of my neighborhood. Most aunties finished with F9 parallel. Got knocked down by one unku and after the naming ceremony, you will see them back the child, covered with shawl and starts greeting people on the street or go on visit. Then the next thing you will find them in Ojuwoye market selling wosi wosi by the road side.

Then came a teacher….

Mr Shittu was a biology student teacher in Ilupeju secondary school. He decided to take us on excursion to visit botanical gardens at Unilag Akoka . Prior to our visit to Unilag I don’t really understand what’s next after secondary school. I saw the beautiful buildings and also a lot of young people carrying folders and walking the long road to the lecture room. I started asking questions. I was seeing beautiful short and tall people.

How did they get here? What do I have to do to get here? Mr Shittu explained to me the steps to get into university and I was wondering why no one ever told me before now. Immediately after the encounter my orientation and attitude to life changed. The one time exposure helped me in life to make better choices. I just wanted to be among those happy student carrying folders and high heels. I must belong!

As I grow older in wisdom, I realize it is not easy to make the right decision in a wrong setting. So I have learned to judge less, blame people less and try as much as possible to encourage and correct with love. Sometimes it’s not easy to be them.

Be kind to one another! Cheers!


Words by Kyke Davies


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