What to do when your car tyres expire and blow out on speed

Did you know that your Tyres can expire? That even if the Tyres have not been fixed or used at all? That you can actually buy expired tyres as new? You can actually check your Tyres expiration period from the information provided on the wall of the tyre.

There are four figures, e.g 1215. It means that tyre was manufactured in the 12th week of the year 2015, as the first two figures represent the week and the last two figures deal with the year of manufacture. 1215 means the 12th week, which is March in 2015.

Tyres have maximum four years life span. Better if you target three years. So, the tyre with 1215 will actually expire in march 2019. So, check the information before you buy a tyre. You can also check the Tyres presently on your vehicle(s). Share to save some lives.

Please, do not use expired or worn out or fairly used or any bad tyre as you could have tyre blow out while in motion. In case you have a tyre blow out, you should immediately remove your leg from the accelerator pedal, to reduce speed. You will be tempted to put the leg on the brake pedal, please don’t.

Hold the steering firmly with your two hands. Clutch down if the vehicle is not automatic. Put the vehicle in neutral gear. Concentrate fully. Be conscious of the surrounding, especially the vehicles around you. The ones behind, those behind, the one you are overtaking or overtaken you. Be mindful of the edge of the road as the vehicle could be veered off the road.

Do not panic as you struggle to bring the vehicle to a halt. Gently navigate the vehicle safely off the road when the speed has been drastically reduced and park Safely. Always ensure too that you and all passengers of the vehicle are on seat belts as those wearing seat belts stand better chances of survival when there is a summersault or collision.

Those thrown out of vehicles or suffered all sorts of collisions (secondary collisions) during a tumble are not likely to survive or they may suffer very critical injuries. The vehicle is also better controlled at low speed. Remember, the contact you have with the Mother Earth while in a vehicle is through the tyres. Make it a safe contact.

By Kayode Olagunju


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