Arsenal’s Thierry Henry showed us these 7 things on his recent trip to Nigeria

Football Icon & Arsenal Legend, Thierry Henry visited Lagos on 17th-18th December, to celebrate the unique passion for football among fans in the country, courtesy Guinness Nigeria.

Thierry Henry is one of those football icons that brought creative flair to the game, worked hard to demonstrate his skill and ability and ultimately changed the way football was played in England.

For those who are still pondering who Thierry Henry is, here’s a little reminder;

He is famous for his time at Arsenal, where he was part of an invincible team that won Two English Premier League titles and Three FA Cups.

He is Arsenal’s top goals scorer with 228 goals This earned him the title “Igwe” (King ?) from football fans in Nigeria.

Thierry Henry won six trophies with Barcelona in 2009: Copa Del Rey, Spanish La Liga, Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Champions League (UCL), UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup

Thierry Henry completed a sweep of winning every major tournament possible at Arsenal, Barcelona and France

He enriched the football viewing experience for all football fans regardless of team loyalty or nationality.

Now that you know who this football legend is, here are the 7 things we learned when he visited Lagos, Nigeria courtesy of Guinness.

1) Arsenal Fan Club Have the best Singers & Composed a Song For Him

On arriving Nigeria, Thierry Henry met with Arsenal fan club Nigeria at the airport. The fan club members welcomed him with what was described by most Nigerians as a hymnal. However, Thierry Henry appeared to have enjoyed to song. Listen to the song below.

2) Thierry Henry Loves Nigerian Jollof Rice

Ghana or other countries have nothing on us now because Thierry Henry did not only make Nigerian Jollof Rice, he ate it as well.

At the Guinness Fanzone, Thierry Henry with the assistance of Chef Obubu prepared Nigerian jollof rice. He looked like a professional chef in an apron and also had the right measure of ingredients. Apparently, we have every reason to believe that he must have returned home with some of the goodness of Nigerian Jollof rice.

[Pictures of him making Jollof rice with Chef Obubu, as well as tasting the jollof rice]

3) Thierry Henry is the Igwe of Football

After having a 49 unbeaten run with Arsenal in the English Premiere League, and winning every major tournament possible at Arsenal, Barcelona and France, Guinness and Football fans in Nigeria did the honours of crowning him the Igwe of Football.

I think we can more major trophies he won here, as well as why Nigerians called him Igwe etc.

4) He can speak Pidgin English

Thierry Henry was teammates with Super Eagles Internationals Victor Ikpeba at AS Monaco and KanuNwankwoKanu at Arsenal.

Speaking during question and answer session at the Guinness Fanzone event he said;

“I used to hear some words in the dressing room when Kanu was talking and Victor Ikpeba was talking sometimes with his friends on the phone. Also, I had some Nigerian friends in London. “Though some of the words were a bit difficult for me, I tried. All I know was that I used to say to Kanu all the time ‘How body’ and he would always reply ‘body dey’.

5) Thierry Henry can sing in Yoruba

After we thought the Frenchman couldn’t surprise us any further, He stepped up with the challenge by singing Yoruba with Simi at Guinness “The Black Pass” event. The Black pass event was especially put together to celebrate people that have achieved success in their fields of endeavor and are ‘Made of Black’; individuals who are exceptional, creative, bold, authentic, and inspiring.

While at the event Simi thought Thierry Henry some Yoruba words and he sang along with her.

6) He has a good heart

At the fanzone, Thierry Henry who had been crowned the Igwe of Football, took off his Igweregalia to honour an amputee footballer after hearing his story. He identified him as his own Igwe, his own Made of Black hero.

Basketmouth shared the moment on his instagrampage with the caption;

“I had the pleasure of being the host at the Guinness Fanzone last Sunday and this right here, was by far the most touching moment for me

After listening to his story, Thierry Henry took off the Igwe regalia he had just been crowned with and put it all on GoodluckObieze an amputee footballer. He identified him as his own Igwe, his own Made of Black hero. I think it takes a King to recognise another King. Sincerely, this really got me. It speaks volumes…#madeofblack”

7) Thierry Henry is better looking than what we used to see on TV

Ladies get in here! All this time we have been seeing a different Thierry Henry on Tv, but when he arrived Lagos, we saw someone with the fresh looking skin. At the Guinness “Black Pass” event, Thierry Henry was looking dapper in his suit.


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