Back door or Front door? Dilemma of a confused Nigerian

I saw Charly Boy entering through the supposed Exit Gate and got fuel in no time. I asked why he wouldn’t join the queue. I thought I would get solidarity. The guy at the gate replied, just drop N500 and forget this your noise. Hear talk, Charly Boy, join queue? I looked stupid, but tired to fight back. So I concluded: AJ, your “mumu don do”.

I pulled out of my 3hour stagnant “formality” queue and headed for the same exit gate. The gate flung open after meeting the requirement. Within 45minutes I got what I had “wasted” 3hrs trying to get – in the scorching sun. It was a different ballgame entirely system at the fuel pump; I bent the ‘no-jerry-can’ and ‘no-full-tank’ rules.

No conscience pricked me; back door was legit! The society had given consent. Nobody harrassed me. The law enforcement guy ushered me in. I thought I had just paid extra to untie myself from this system that is designed to keep me at a spot.

When they say Ministries don’t employ, who told you? Someone who finished NYSC this week is resuming on Wednesday! The ‘space’ has been there since s/he graduated. It’s always a special route. Infact, I will congratulate a friend who paid N500,000 to get an offer with National Hospital as House Officer. Are you tempted to feel so fortunate, especially when compromise is presented as a viable option?

I am just worried, battling with some auto-self-reorientation the system is installing in my head to adapt compromise – the back door thing.

Seriously, at this point I am confused at what my prayer should be. “FATHER, take me there. I mean through the special route” or “FATHER, fix this nation”?

Words by Ajayi Isaac, Gwarimpa, Abuja


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