How to eat grilled Octopus on the streets of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

I recently found myself at a place called Posta, near Kigamboni, in the coastal city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. That fateful evening, I was walking around round town, wanderlusting and gallivanting with my hosts. At some point, they started talking about Octopus suya. I told them to stop. Then they now started singing it. Oh my goodness 😭 Who are these guys?

Tony Olisa and Aderonke Soyinka, my jolly good Nigerian friends living in Tanzania, are the culprits who initiated me into this Octopus ministry. Anyway, they actually called it Octopus suya – probably so I could easily relate with its beef variant back home in Nigeria.

Of course, I initially yucked and yinmued at the thought of eating that slimy, multi-legged seafood. But as we got closer to the arena and I started beholding and sniffing the beautiful delicacy, I wrestled with the cautious skeptic in me.

In the end, the adventurous me prevailed. Here’s how it finally panned out. Enjoy 😉


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