Why I keep going back to Hillsong Lagos Connect Group

Hillsong Lagos Connect

This is one question I ask myself every other Tuesday.

Sam, why do you keep going back to Hillsong Lagos Connect?

You see, so many had come and gone. But of course, there’ll always be those who keep returning, regardless. I am one of those.

As expected, when anyone sees the Hillsong Lagos advert, there’s a kind of ecstasy that comes with being a part of the same Hillsong you watched on TV while growing up. You arrive at the event venue and see that it is nothing complicated – not a bunch of ‘oyinbo’ people from Hillsong Australia singing all those songs we know – but just a bunch of beautiful Lagosian souls that are hungry for God, worship and true fellowship.

And guess what? You are sucked into the pure and unadulterated Hillsong lyrical worship going on; and you are consumed by the level of openness with which the people you meet there share life issues, lift each other up and encourage one another. No wonder I can’t help but keep going back for more, over and over again.

To be honest, not everyone digs the style of fellowship at Hillsong Lagos Connect. Many don’t return after their first visit. They keep asking if Hillsong is truly coming to Nigeria to get established. And the answer to that is simple – this Hillsong Lagos Connect was started under the leadership of Hillsong Oxford, London and is still being supervised by them. The Lagos Connect is currently under the stewardship of Lilian Aribodi.

So, will this Lagos Connect Group later metamorphose into a church? Well, maybe, maybe not. But at the moment, we are a small connect group enjoying fellowship with God and one another. And thankfully, a lot more people return and look forward to each forthnight meeting – just like me. Little wonder they say, soldier come soldier go, barracks remain.

So yet again, why exactly do I keep going back?

I go back because of the beautiful souls I look forward to fellowship with at Hillsong Lagos Connect. I go back because it is a place where I don’t have to perform to impress. I go back because it is a place where I can let go, unwind, relax, sing, talk and feel free to be who I am. I go back because it is a place where I love to meet new people who are open and willing to share real life issues with you. I go back because Hillsong is a place of love and joy. I look forward to singing the many original Hillsong compositions each time. These songs have lyrical depth that are so rich and heavenly. They bring joy to your heart. And of course, it helps put things into perspective. Hillsong Lagos Connect is a perfect and necessary speed-breaker for those of us living in a fast-paced urban city like Lagos.

Most importantly, I go back because of Jesus. He is the reason behind Hillsong. He is the core of it. And He is the one who brings us back together, every other Tuesday.

Thank you Jesus.


11 thoughts on “Why I keep going back to Hillsong Lagos Connect Group

    • You’re welcome, Lola. Our next meeting holds Tuesday, April 17, by 6.30pm at Radisson Blu, Ozumba Mbadiwe. Also, please send me a WhatsApp message so I can add you to the group. 08034421195.


  1. Hi Sam, i am so excited seeing this trail of event, what a beautiful vision to do Hillsong Lagos Connect,
    I just want to be there with you guys.
    I will do my best to attend by His grace.
    This is good and fulfilling.


    Liked by 1 person

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