Arik Air’s biting monopoly and that Yakubu Gowon Airport in Jos

In countries where the citizens are protected, government subsidise on domestic flights. In the country where I come from, there is an active coordinated effort to frustrate your life.

Last Wednesday, I saw Arik to Jos @ N28000 for booking on hold. But the portal won’t open for payment. Yesterday, it was N32,000. Still, you can’t open the portal for payment. Today, it was N38,000 in the morning, same story.

Finally, I paid N41,862. Arik does this intentionally. One way ticket. 1 hour trip. With an excess luggage of 39kg which translates to an additional N19,500.

On my receipt, the actual air fare is N21k. Tax takes about 5k. Please, what is surcharges? Surcharges is 15k.

I learnt that about 50% of what Nigeria air travellers pay goes back into the government’s purse.

In a country that has extended land mass. In a country where the roads are death traps. With all these, they still exploit us. We don’t have decent and working trains. Me, I have finally made up my mind not to fly direct again to Jos except it’s an emergency. The monopoly Arik enjoys in Jos is annoying and exploitative. Point of departure henceforth will remain Abuja.

Do you know if you are travelling from Cotonou to Paris, you pay half of what you will pay if you were to depart from Nigeria? Same with Italy. Same with UK.

What exactly is the offence of Nigerians?

Why do we suffer this much?

Would you believe that Yakubu Gowon Airport, Jos doesn’t have a conveyor belt? They actually pass us our luggage with hands. It’s been so for about 4 years.

Who will deliver Nigerians from the biting monopoly of Arik and the irresponsible management of the Jos airport?




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