Ajala Nene is special guest on the World Tourism Week edition of #NigeriaTravelChat

TWEETCHAT-Sept-28-EditionEveryone seems to be mouthing the phrases ‘responsible travel’ and ‘sustainable tourism’ lately. What exactly do these words mean? The UNWTO even has a campaign called ‘Travel.Enjoy.Respect’.

So, how does this apply to you in practical layman terms as a traveller and tourist? Well, that’s the job Ajala Nene will be dealing with this Thursday as she sits on the couch for the sixth edition of the #NigeriaTravelChat.

Please meet Nnennaya Fakoya-Smith aka Ajala Nene of Nene-Uwa – a  Tourism Enthusiast: Tourism Booster/Promoter, Tour Broker & Travel Blogger.

She runs Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd, an indigenous Tourism Brokerage Firm with the purpose of creating Life Changing Travel Experiences through promoting tourism events and packages in Nigeria, Africa and the world. The word “Nene-Uwa” means “See the World” in my local dialect, Igbo. Our goal is to encourage Sustainable Tourism in an attempt to maximize its impact on the environment, society, economy and the local communities.

Join her on Twitter this Thursday, September 28 by 4pm GMT + 1 using the hashtag #NigeriaTravelChat.

You can also follow her on @ajalanene, @ngrtravelchat, @travelmassivelg


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