Why your Facebook post is not seen by some people on your friend list

The way Facebook is set up, not everyone on your friend list will see your post.

Everytime someone opens their FB app, the Facebook Algorithm does 4 things..






When your friends open Fb, the algorithm automatically takes an Inventory of all the stories from their friends and follows.


The Algorithm then considers which of these stories they will be interested in based on certain data, like who posted this story, did they like a post from this person before, what kind of phone they are using, do they have bandwidth (Yes Facebook knows), what time it is, previously when they were on Facebook at this time what kind of content they engaged in


Based on these signals and data, the Algorithm then predicts what your friends would like to see on their newsfeed and things like- how likely they are to comment, like or share a story,

It then ranks the content to determine what to show in the news feed.


After all these predictions and ranking, the algorithm then uses the information to Score content and decides what your friends see on their timeline/ newsfeed.

This process happens every single time your friends open Facebook,

So they are not doing “Monitoring Spirit”, they are just not seeing your post because Facebook algorithm doesn’t think it’s important to them.

There at subtle ways to beat the algorithm, like I know adding pictures to this post means more friends get to see it. So I am adding a random pic. *winks*

Now you know.

Words by Ized Uanikhehi


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