Jordan and Pratibha: A Travel Fairytale Love Story

A year and a half ago, I quit my job and set out to explore the world. I met an extraordinarily charming traveler on my first stop.

What started off as a wild night out in Patong ended up with him putting a ring on my finger!

About a year ago, we moved to Phuket, the city where we first met. Started a business together and lived the tropical fantasy as islanders, oblivious to the rest of the world.

We chased sunsets, dodged storms, swam with sharks and turtles, glided over the ocean, flew kites over scarlet sunsets, counted numerous shooting stars, discovered over a dozen countries, canoed through green waters with monitor lizards and lived so many of our wildest dreams.

Thailand for us has been a huge year of growth. It has brought together two travelers from different parts of the globe with a shared passion for the unknown.

We both have an insane calling to be where we are not! Thank you Jordan, for picking Thailand. You couldn’t have chosen a better place for our adventures to begin.

Now, it’s time for some city charm. Very excited for the upcoming months in India, then Australia. Oh yea, and then we’re getting married too, woohoo 🙌

Words by Pratibha Bhaskar


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