Mary, Jane, Matilda and controlling your narrative

Mary was single at 31 and she kept shouting on Facebook that marriage is not important for a lady and that those who are married are in bondage. At 34 she is now married and she is posting pictures of her and her hubby on daily basis. She keeps telling us her life revolves around her husband.

Jane asked her friend Julie whether it was financially okay for her to marry a banker. Julie said it was financial suicide because a banker earning 200k cannot afford you a decent life in Lagos. Jane listened to her and said no to the proposal from Ken. Two years after Julie married a secondary school teacher earning 70k. She earns far more than her husband and nobody is hearing about it.

Matilda was ranting on Facebook that she does not contribute money to run the home. She insisted it is the sole duty of the man. Many people liked her status update. Many who read her update prepared for showdowns with their husbands. Little did they know that Matilda’s husband has been out of job for 10 months and she is the one feeding the family.

Dear friend, don’t let anyone control the narratives for you. Many people’s opinions tend to hide their hurts. They will tell you what sounds like Waaoo but go behind to do the sensible thing. Your home will crash and they will still be in marriage and you will be wondering why. Control the narratives. The happiness of your home is more important than any wow idea you want to get from social media. Please stoop to conquer.



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