How To Have A Productive Writing Day

Sam at the office

Put on your PC
Wonder about the crack on the wall
Scratch your neck. Grunt a little
Catch a glimpse of your reflection
Wonder about the derangement of features
Google tips to reduce cheeks
Open MsWord
Quickly check Twitter
Stay checking for 75 minutes
Go back to MsWord
White blank screen
Wake up from the 5 second doze
Check Instagram
OMG, check out shredders toned glutes
Try the squats
Step into kitchen
Place eggs to boil
Remember how your colleague spoke to you two years ago
Hate her privately, viciously
Eat eggs
Vitamin C
Google calories in Vitamin C
Google how to avoid spit spraying people when arguing
Google symptoms of tumour
Remind yourself it is not your portion,IJN
Go back to blank screen
Type your title
Type something different
Minimize document
Watch Friends
Watch your thigh muscles form as you stretch your legs
Close PC
Take a nap
Try again another day.




WordsBy Tochi Eze




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