How To Cook A Delicious, Nigerian Atama Soup with N500

Eketi Edema EtteThis is a true story. My Story. How I cooked my 500 naira Atama soup. I know you might be wondering how anyone can make this ogbonge soup happen with only 500 naira! Well, let me break it down.

* Two big-sized smoked fish from my fish farm.

*Fresh pepper and onions from my farm.

*2 cups of crayfish picked right at the beach of the Qua River which borders our house. Same with the stockfish.

* 1 big piece of kpomo and a side of beef I borrowed from a cow in my area. I went up to it and said, “Bros, abeg gimme small skin.” He was so kind and obliged immediately.

*Collected salt and Knorr cubes from my neighbour.
Pleaded with the market women to dash me the Atama vegetable.

*Took the palm fruits from the palm tree in my backyard.

*Matches from gateman.

*1 litre of kerosene – 500 naira.

*Now counting wife material to infinity*





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