Spanish nightclub pays tribute to young Italian beaten to death by Chechen bandits

An emotional event was held last night at the nightclub St Trop in Lloret de Mar, where, before reopening its doors to the public, all the workers and leaders of the premises held a minute of silence together in memory of Niccolo Ciatti, the young man who died last Sunday after suffering an assault in the premises the day before.

Mr. Carlos Rodríguez, the owner of the nightclub, said a few words before the minute of silence, stating, “Last Friday August 11th, the night in which Niccolo Ciatti suffered the terrible aggression that caused his death, was the saddest night of St.Trop’s 55 years of history. Our thoughts are with the family of Niccolo, to which we want to transfer all our support and in memory of Niccolo we want to have a minute of silence”

During the homage to the deceased young Italian an appeal against violence in nightlife was made. Thus, all the workers of the company exhibited posters that read “NO MORE VIOLENCE IN NIGHTLIFE” in different languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and French). The same message against violence was projected on the venue’s screens.

Precisely, the International Nightlife Association plans to export this campaign to other territories and in this aspect, both the awareness campaign “Enjoy a Responsible Night” presented through a comic book, as well as the appeal against the use of violence in nightlife will be carried out in other countries, beginning with Italy, in collaboration with the Italian Association of Nightlife (SILB) and the European Nightlife Association.

The president of both organizations, Mr. Maurizio Pasca, has always been very predisposed to support all kinds of actions to end violence in nightlife and has been very worried that these type of actions unfairly and seriously damage the image of the nightlife sector.


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