Where is the most uninhabitable place in the world? Clue: Not Antarctica

Antarctica is already habitable, but only for scientists, and researchers. I mean c’mon they have houses.

antartic - british - houses


A place that is 100% uninhabitable would be Ilha da Queimada Grande Island in Brazil, also known as Snake Island. Ever heard of it? You bet *winks* The only structure built there was a lighthouse, and now nobody operates it. The Island is just full of venomous vipers.

Brazil Ilha da Queimada Grande Island


Here’s a really depressing photograph of the once functioning lighthouse.

“But if no one can be there to operate, how did they get the time to build it in the first place?”, queries Uzair Khan. He goes further “Did they not have to face snakes when they came there, must be multiple people, brought so many resources to build the structure, and then maybe multiple people lived there while the building was being completed, and then left, and in all that time didn’t they decide it will be impossible for anyone to stay there?”

For Peter de Vroede, “It’s quite possible the snakes are an invasive species. They may not have been there when the lighthouse was built and operated early on. In fact, the ships bringing the materials to build the lighthouse may very well have brought the snakes as stowaways. Without the natural predators they faced on the mainland, they could easily have overrun the entire island in a few decades.”

According to Wikipedia, the island had its lighthouse maned for many years. Now it is an automated lighthouse, manually maintained periodically by the government.

Here is a documentary of a maintenance expedition team to the island. Enjoy!





Words by Ali Mama, Uzair Khan, Peter de Vroede and Cristian Ariel Rodriguez | Quora.com


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