Travelling with pets? 5 tips to avoid a summer disaster

Dog-travelImagine this: You’ve road tripped to the middle of nowhere, when Fido sees something startling outside the window… and promptly pees himself. Did you bring the carpet cleaner? No? Mission accomplished! You have just achieved one of the 5 fastest ways to guarantee a summer travel disaster with your four-legged friend.

Here are five surprising Fi-dos and don’ts of planning your very own pet travel disaster:


Your pet is like a curious toddler, which means you’d normally pack pet items that will keep him/her healthy (grooming supplies, prescription meds), satisfied (a favorite toy), mess free (carpet cleaning supplies), and quiet (unlike a toddler, you can sedate your pet on road trips for easier travel). But to road trip straight to Disaster City, simply leave all that noise behind!

Dog traveler

Dog traveler


Go for the gold – have your unvaccinated dog catch rabies when it gets bitten by a raccoon on the side of the road. And don’t bother to get an interstate health certificate, and definitely avoid checking with your vet for any special requirements like blood tests or vaccines.


Don’t waste your time figuring out the health risks of your destination or talking to your vet about preventatives. If you’re lucky, you’ll encounter some fleas, ticks, and heartworm to really round out your pet disaster.


Assume everyone is as obsessed with Fido as you are, and don’t check if any hotels and restaurants you plan to visit have pet restrictions based on breed and size. It’s the quickest way to throw all your plans into turmoil!

dog pet-travel-suitcase-dog-1100x825TURN UP THE HEAT

What are you doing to combat heat-related pet injuries? That’s right – nothing. Ditch the cold water you were thinking of carrying along with the “handy” pet thermometer (no one wants to measure rectally anyway).

You’re all prepared to go from perfect to sinking ship… or, if you’d rather not, you can ask any questions about travel safety for your pet before you actually travel.

For example, at, you can text an initial free question and a licensed veterinarian will text you back with customized advice within minutes.


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