I am old—by society standards—70, but I don’t look or act it. Here’s why

Lynda FillerI am Lynda. Clocked 70 recently, and I’m supposed to be an oldie goldie — by society standards, right? But I don’t look or act it. So what really me feel old? Here we go…

  1. When I see a hot guy in his 30’s and my mind goes right to sex. I give my self a mental shake and remind myself that 70, is not 69!
  2. When I come on Quora and read a question referencing a term, an expression I have to look up in the dictionary, or the Urban Dictionary.
  3. Having a boyfriend in another city that only uses text messaging. What happened to hearing each other’s voice?
  4. Sometimes I actually look in the women’s clothing department not the juniors!
  5. I actually bought two one-piece bathing suits for my trip to Portugal… putting the bikinis away!! Yikes, that one hurts.
  6. When someone at a check-in desk, airline, or government agency asks me my age—it sounds so old.
  7. When the movie theater has a senior’s price for over 60 and they automatically give it to me! I still want to ‘look’ full price!
  8. I was writing my memoir/healing book on my prognosis of “six months to live” in 2008 LOVE The Beat Goes On. I had to write about my age. Ouch. My mother once said to me that when she was in her 60’s she looked in the mirror one day and said: “Who’s that old lady? Inside I feel 35.” Me too Mom. Me too!!




Words by Lynda Filler, Author, Writer, Poet, Blogger | Quora.com


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