6 Types of People You’ll Experience within 10 minutes in Agege

agege post by arinola adesinaMy Taxify is 10 minutes away, stuck in Agege traffic, so I decide to wait for him at the neighborhood Tastee Fried Chicken. And there’s all kinds of people and scenes as I look around.

There’s the Middle-aged man with his 20-something girlfriend. He’s talking to the right side of her face. She’s concentrating on taking selfies with the left side of her face. This is obviously the good side for her camera.

There’s the boyfriend and girlfriend couple. She’s having a meat pie, chicken and soda. He’s content with staring into her eyes. That will belleful him.

Sam Adeleke with Lagos boy at CarnivalThere’s the guy who’s having a fried rice-salad-chicken-meat pie combo all in one plate.

There’s the other guy having a salad-meat pie-sausage roll combo. He’s eating it all with a fork. And knife.

This lady has been on her iPhone, liking pictures on Facebook. I can hear the “pop” sound every time she does.

One lady is on a keto diet. She just had moimoi and kebabs.

Scratch the keto. She’s gone and bought herself a pack of popcorn.

oshodi agege motor road lagosQuite the versatile crowd.

Perhaps I should have myself a scotch egg and dodo while I wait…lol!




Words by Arinola Adesina


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