Poverty, Wealth and the Cycle of Life

Poverty is not a good thing. But a reality. Many wealthy people think poor people are stupid. They think they are dumb. When you are in need and ask a friend for help, your friends will gently mock you if they are successful.

Begging makes you appear foolish. Those at the "top" sometimes think it is their smarts that got them to the top. They will speak to the bottom of the ladder in a condescending manner.

While I agree that many are responsible for their poverty, some are just there due to ill luck. Fortunes do change in life as well. The top can become bottom and bottom top. Life is like that.

Where ever smarts, luck, circumstances has placed you in life, stay humble. Stay in touch with your grassroots. When approached for help, treat those that ask of you with respect. Never because of poverty rob a man of his dignity.

Life has cycles. And your wealth is another's poverty. Stay humble!

Words By Ademola Henry Adigun


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