How Plane Crashed into Portuguese Holiday Hotspot

portugal plane beach crashThe victims are said to be aged 56 and eight. They are not believed to be related.

The drama happened at Sao Joao beach on Portugal’s Costa de Caparica coastline near Jose Mourinho’s home city of Setubal. The plane that made the emergency landing has been described as a light aircraft.

Portugal plane crash two dead

It was a two-seater Cessna 152, which belonged to the Torres Vedras air club.

It was built in 1978 and has a cruising speed of around 90mph.

Lusa Commander Pedro Coelho Dias, a spokesman for the Maritime Authority National (AMN) said: “We have confirmation that two people who were picked up by the plane and died on the spot. The victims are a man and a child, eight years old.”

He added: “Naturally there were a lot of people on the beach at the time and this incident could have caused many deaths and many injuries.”

There are no more injuries.

According to the same source, the plane’s two crew male members were unharmed and have been arrested and are currently being questioned by the authorities.

One of the two men involved was having flying lessons.

Portugal plane crash two dead          Portugal plane crash – sunbathers watch on as emergency services gather after the crash

Portugal plane crash on beach

The victims’ nationalities were not immediately known. The tragedy happened on a stretch of the beach near to the Bicho d’Agua and Leblon restaurants.

The tourist hotspot is around 10 miles to the south of the country’s capital Lisbon.

At the scene are four ambulances, a support vehicle and 13 police cars and 30 Maritime Police.

Portugal plane crash - two dead

Investigators are believed to be probing a possible mechanical failure.

One eyewitness told cable news channel SIC Noticias that the plane skimmed low over the sunbathers before landing on the beach. Enrique Pinto Coelho, who was playing on the beach with his son near the spot where the plane came down, said: “I’ve just seen this plane make an emergency landing.
“It came down and advanced around 100 metres in the wet sand after it landed, taking two people who were lying on the beach with it.

“We were unfortunately very near the landing spot and were playing football. It passed over the football pitch and we had to move back to avoid being hit ourselves.

“A large group of people surrounded the plane immediately. One of its wings was broken.”




Culled from Express.Co.Uk


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