Now we can have World Peace with this Spicy, Hot, Jollof Rice with Baracuda Fish and Plantain

Jollof riceEarlier today, I, Ized Uanikhehi, got a box from PlayFood Box Country. It was a box of Jollof Rice with Baracuda fish and plantain. Papi and I got one box each.

This is not a hype. With all my heart, I wish this was a hype but it isn’t.

This was how I have always imagined jollof rice should taste. Every spoon was amazing. It was hot and spicy, the fish! oh my God!!! Fresh.

This Jollof Rice is Jollof Rice that should be served to the gods of the Land and gods of fertility for 7 years of Goodluck and wealth.
Jollof Rice so awesome you want to marry the cook.
Jollof Rice that they should share for World peace.
Jollof Rice that probably has the cure for cancer on the 7th spoon.
Jollof Rice that should be packaged and sent to Baba and Trump, one will get better, the other will grow sense.

Jollof rice_I

want to order again but they don’t sell in Single packs.

Each pack is N1000, N1200 (with delivery).


This is it guys. This is it! You can thank me later!



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