How to Enjoy Seychelles on a Budget: #NigeriaTravelChat with Susan the Pilot


Meet Susan Ekpoh, our guest on this edition of the #NigeriaTravelChat on Twitter. She flies planes, “swims” with sharks, puckers up to giraffes, and suffers greatly from aqua-phobia.

Susan is an experiential traveler who seeks to tread off beaten paths, and chronicles her experiences at in hopes of inspiring others to explore and improve the quality of their lives by stepping beyond the known comfort zone.

She’s a young woman whose journey to become a pilot began with fierce oppositions but surmounted arduous obstacles to live a life that once was a dream. Currently flying the Piper Arrows as a private pilot in Springs, Johannesburg, she is undergoing training towards a Commercial Pilot License to enable her fly a Boeing 787 – her dream aircraft.

Join the TweetChat this Thursday, August 3, by 4pm as she shares details of her Seychelles adventure on a budget. You don’t have to spend millions to explore Africa’s most beautiful island; she’s here to show us how.

To join the conversation as well as questions and comments, please join us on Twitter via the hashtag #NigeriaTravelChat.

You can also follow @samadeleke and @Waka_WakaTweets.

See ya!


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