Is the UNWTO truly rusted from within? Anonymous chat room emerges ahead of General Assembly

UNWTOThe UNWTO has been in the spotlight recently with the controversial election of the next Secretary General nominee.

The confirmation needed at the UNWTO General Assembly for the nominee Zurab Pololikashvili from Georgia remains questionable and a legal battle is developing with the intervention of the Hon. Walter Mzembi.

In the meantime, an anonymous online chat room was created with no other interest than the welfare of the United Nations World Tourism Organization UNWTO. This is according to the moderator of this chat-room. He called UNWTO an organization guided on the outside but now shoddy and rusted inside.


When this group was started, Ideas were exchanged and debated. Eye-opening facts were revealed. Questions were raised by the announcement of the health condition of the UNWTO Secretary-General last year.

When explaining it further the chat room moderate said: “This is the voice of an anonymous group of UNWTO stakeholders, where no one knows who is who after over a year of activity. Detached from any particular influence, the Group wants only to safeguard the organization from the ever increasing drift of its Secretariat into politicization, misadministration, and mismanagement.’

UNWTO-WTM-Ministers-Summit-on-Destination-BrandingThe moderator went on to say:” In recent years UNWTO seems to have become an organization at the service of its Secretariat (Secretary-General and a small entourage). An apparatus of cheap propaganda focused on promoting the image of its Secretary-General while claiming to defend lofty ideals of global sustainable tourism. Our goal is to put the Secretariat, thus the Organization, back on track. We believe that one way of doing so could be by airing some questions that may raise the awareness of UNWTO and staff members alike.”

“The aim is not to do any harm. At the contrary, it is to protect the important achievements of this Secretary-General from reckless micro-management and abuse of authority.”

unwto talebrifaieTN asked the two sample questions to clarify issues brought up by the group and received this official response from UNWTO:

Although all questions raised have their due clarifications, UNWTO will not make any public comments on these as they relate to either subject of personal nature (issues of UNWTO Staff Members)  which are legally protected by confidentially regulations and principles or issues which have been discussed in their rightful place by UNWTO Member States, i.e. the UNWTO statutory meetings in due time.




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