Using Hotel WiFi? Think again

hotel wifiStaying in Hotels and using complimentary Hotel Internet? The DarkHotel group has been covering its tracks so well that researchers have no idea who they are or what their intentions might truly be.

CYber thieves may be looking to compromise your computer, especially if you’re a high-priority target staying at luxury hotels around the globe.

The DarkHotel hacker group has been active for more than 10 years according to ZDNet , and they’re back with a new malware threat.

img_4674The hackers apparently target specific guests, including CEOs and high-ranking corporate officials.

The attack is conducted in stages.Once that’s done, the hackers use a series of phishing and social engineering tricks to infect targeted computers.


The new malware is known as Inexsmar, and the attack begins just like plenty of other phishing schemes: an email. However, the email is individually designed to be interesting and convincing to the target.

The malware payload isn’t delivered all at once, as the malware downloads it in steps, to avoid detection from the victim. A Word file may be opened on the computer to keep the user from looking at what else is happening on his or her computer.



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