Why I Didn’t Quit My Job to Travel #NigeriaTravelChat

Got travel dreams but stuck in a day job? Not to worry, I’ll be sharing practical insights on how I live my travel dreams despite my very tasking day job.

My name is Simi, 24, B.Eng in Computer Engineering from Covenant University, Nigeria and MSc. in Information Security from University College London.

By day, I am a CyberSecurity Analyst who occasionally hacks into networks and infrastructures. By night, I travel and blog.
I love traveling and the most beautiful place I have ever visited is Niagara Falls, Canada. I’m determined to visit Victoria Falls, Zambia and Igauzu Falls, Brazil someday.

TWEETCHAT-July-20In Nigeria, I’ve explored Ikogosi WarmSprings & Arinta Waterfalls, Ekiti; Erin Ijesha Waterfalls & Moremi Statue of Liberty, Osun; Ado-Awaye Mountains (home to one of the 2 suspended lakes in the world – Iyake Lake) & Agodi Gardens, Oyo State.

Djibouti-Palace-Kempinski-photos-Exterior-Djibouti-Palace-KempinskiOthers are Olumo Rock & Omo Forest Reserve, Ogun; Idanre Hills, Ondo; Nok Village & Matsiraga Waterfalls, Kaduna; Lekki Conservation Center,
Nike Art Gallery, Lufasi Park & Railway Compound Museum, Lagos.
Finally, I live by this quote: “You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” – Jojo Meye, Me Before You

Looking forward to interacting and answering your questions on Twitter this Thursday by 4pm. Follow me on @mosimi20 @eattechtravel and Jump in on the Hashtag #NigeriaTravelChat


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