Why I Am Disappointed in 49-year old King Mswati of Swaziland

King Mswati of SwazilandAnytime I think of my disappointment with Africa’s leadership, top on the list is not Paul Biya who lives permanently in Europe and visits Cameroon thrice every year.

It is not Yoweri Museveni with his farmers hat who almost four decades in power still thinks himself the wisest of all men.

It is not even Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, head of the Fiefdom in Equatorial Guinea who could still take 50% of the country’s wealth and yet make every one of his a million plus citizens comfortable, but instead works hard to impoverish them.

Don’t remind me that charity begins at home. I have exhausted so much words on home issues already.

But the symbol of my disappointment is King Mswati of Swaziland. I met him this afternoon at the lobby of the African Union Building here in Addis. We shook hands as he was flagellating around the lobby meeting dignitaries and media executives. Our eyes met for a split second, and as someone raised in royalty and diplomacy, he does not need anybody to tell him I was not impressed one bit. Muchmoreso, when I introduced myself, he should know it has to be a Nigerian.

King-Mswati-lll-inspects-a-guard-of-honour-mounted-by-members-of-his-armed-forces.This 49 year old Monarch had the best of education in England. I was informed he was tutored at Sherborne School Dorset England before returning home to ascend the throne at the death of his father.

In cases like this, one would have thought that a young man with the privilege of exposure and good education would be at least forward looking. One would have expected him to be transformational instead of transactional, but he turned out the worst of reactionaries.

swaziThey call him the Ngwenyama of Swaziland. He just took his 19th wife and from the look of things may surpass King Solomon before the end of his reign. Having Solomon’s libido level without his wisdom will lead to disaster. He should ask one Senatot from Nigeria.

He recently came up with a law to ban divorce in his country, with plans to market same to his African peers. I know they will easily adopt such stupid policy. But show them how to grow their economy they will disappear.

At 49, he already has 32 children and has threatened Swazi men to marry a minimum of five wives or face jail terms.

He travels with his Praise Singer called Msandi kaBaba who rudely interrupts his discussions with people with his shouts and paises of the Monarch and his ‘escapades’. I think he cares more for the praises than whatever discussion he’s having with people.

He said he has launched Vision 2022 aimed at making Swaziland a first world nation. He told me to check it out on his website. A first world nation in five year’s time?

I almost burst out in laughter and that would have been quite unimaginable. …..Laugh at a King?

Laugh at the Ntfombi of Swaziland?

His guards would have bundled me into his limousine and fly me to the Engabezweni Royal Residence for 21 strokes of cain…

auHow can Africa even dream of Vision 2063 with such men in positions of leadership?



By Kelechi Deca


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