How to Plan a Low Cost Family Vacation for Summer: A Tweetchat with Funmi Oyatogun 

TWEETCHAT-Maiden-EditionHow much does it cost to take my family on a decent vacation?

Which destinations in Nigeria or Africa are affordable for a summer getaway?

What do I need to know about bookings and payments before planning a vacation?

How safe is it to travel with my family in Nigeria or Africa for vacation?

What do I need to know about passports, flight tickets and visa requirements before planning my family vacation?

These and many more questions will be answered on the maiden edition of the #NigeriaTravelChat this Thursday, July 6, 2017.

Our guest is Funmi Oyatogun, Founder TVP Adventures, a leading adventure design company in Nigeria. Funmi has designed and conducted local and international tours for individuals, families and organizations. She’s intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate and passionate about tourism, especially budget/low cost travel.

Join us on Twitter this Thursday, July 6 by 4pm using the hashtag #NigeriaTravelChat


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