Zimbabwe beats Seychelles 6-0: Why are fans shouting Mzembi, Mzembi, Mzembi? Global tourism is the key

World Tourism had a big part in a football match Friday when Zimbabwe beat Seychelles 6:0 at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace in Rustenburg, South Africa. It was the entry ticket for Zimbabwe to the quarterfinals of the Cosafa Castle Club. The COSAFA Cup is an international football competition consisting of national teams by member nations of the Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (COSAFA).

Sports tourists from Zimbabwe attending the game in South Africa on Friday night did not forget the recent frustration the Seychelles gave Zimbabwe in regards to the recent election for a new UNWTO Secretary General. 

People were singing from the terraces: “Mzembi, Mzembi, Mzembi”- and apparently it helped to get some of the frustration people have in both countries in regards to the recent UNWTO election.

Dr. Walter Mzembi is the Zimbabwe Minister of Tourism and Hospitality and was a candidate competing with former Seychelles Minister of Tourism Alain St. Ange for the post of the Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Mzembi had the full endorsement of the African Union, and St. Ange’s entry disturbed this position. 

Many blame the Seychelles candidate to have been responsible for Africa losing the election to the Georgian candidate. Two days before the election St. Ange’s accreditation was withdrawn by the Seychelles president in response to African Union Pressure. This in return caused great frustration among people in the Seychelles.

A frustrated and angry Alain St.Ange was allowed to address all voting UNWTO executive council members right before the election, what again caused Mzembi to cry “foul”.

The upcoming General Assembly of the UNWTO in Chengdu, China in September this year will have to endorse the Georgian Candidate. Many insiders think this may be a true challenge after Mzembi recently filed his positioning papers in response to what he called a “flawed” election process.

Tourism professionals in Zimbabwe hope Mzembi may have a second chance. “Mzembi, Mzembi, Mzembi ” is an encouragement for the youthful but longest-serving Zimbabwe minister and shows the support Dr. Mzembi enjoys not only on a global arena, but also at home.

Culled from ETurboNews 


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