Japan Airlines announces free in-flight Internet service on its domestic routes

japan airlinesJapan Airlines (JAL) decided to provide free internet access throughout the flight, to all customers flying on the domestic routes. JAL has been starting the inflight internet service from July 2014 as a paid service, and will offer free internet service henceforth.

Inflight video programs such as sports, gourmet, music and animation etc. are also available for free on the Wi-Fi equipped flights, and can be streamed on customers’ own Wi-Fi devices.

JALDetails of the free internet service as below:

Applicable Routes:

All JAL and JTA (Japan Transocean Air, a subsidiary of the JAL Group) domestic routes operated by inflight Wi-Fi equipped aircraft.


All customers on applicable flights will be able to enjoy free inflight internet access. “FREE FLIGHT PASS” button will appear on the portal top page after connecting to inflight Wi-Fi on applicable flight. The internet service will be available from 5 minutes after take-off until 5 minutes before landing.

JAL 2Others:
Inflight Wi-Fi service is provided by Gogo. This service is provided through using satellite communication network. Please be informed that the mobile broadband might be interrupted or unavailable due to the weather condition and location of the aircraft. Also, the connection might become weak or unstable when there is a concentration of access.


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