Accra City Hotel Becomes West Africa’s First ISO Certified Food Safety Property

accra city hotelAccra City Hotel, the best 4-Star hotel in the nation’s capital, has received two coveted International Organisation Standard (ISO) certifications, making it the first and only hotel in Ghana and West Africa to attain this great feat.

The premier hotel attained the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certifications, respectively.

The endorsement was issued by the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECBE) –an international register of certified auditors based in Canada.

The General Manager (GM) of Accra City Hotel, Roman Krabel, in an interview, said the certifications were a demonstration of the Hotel’s commitment to global standards and best practices in the hospitality industry.

“We have discreetly and persistently been pursuing our long-sought aspiration of introducing and implementing the ISO System. This important project took 12 months. We were guided by Consultants from QSHE (Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Resources). Renowned experts provided excellent direction and assistance to ensure that the feat was attained,” Mr Krabel said.

By this achievement, Accra City Hotel has lifted the image of Ghana’s hospitality industry on the global competitive stage.

“These globally recognised certifications mean so much to us, as an iconic hotel brand, and to our clients as well. It shows our pedigree, stature and commitment to quality and excellence. Suffice to say, this important endorsement testifies to our brand’s compliance to strict internationally-set standards,” Mr Krabel noted.

accra city hotel 2He said the certifications had re-energised and inspired the management and staff of Accra City Hotel to enhance the already top-notch services the Hotel offered to its cherished clients.

“It means our clients’ trust and confidence in us to give them high value for money has been a worthwhile investment. Any guest or visitor, who visits our restaurants would experience what it meant to be ISO-certified,” the Accra City Hotel GM said.

Accra City Hotel has clearly shown the way for other hotel brands in Ghana. It will be a healthy challenge for other hotel brands to submit themselves to such strict food safety and environmental management audit.

The General Manager disclosed that the ISO certifications specified a path for continuous improvement and control of Accra City’s performance, allowing the Hotel to identify and control the environmental impact of its products, processes and services.

The management of Accra City Hotel has heavily invested in making the top 4-Star Hotel a force to reckon with in the West African sub-region. This investment has paid off with the three accolades for the Hotel: the 2016 Best 4-Star Hotel in Ghana by Ghana Hotels Association, the 2016 Best 4-Star Hotel in Greater Accra by the Ghana Tourism Board and the Gold Star Award in Customer Service Excellence.



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