The Poor and the Rich

rich-and-poor-global_starvationThe rich do not like the poor they know around them. The poor remind them of a painful reality of what was or might be. That is why when your paddy for jungle “breaks through” you do not get a helping hand.

The poor like being around the rich. It gives them hope and they bask in the glow of what could be and maybe some crumbs.

When a poor man needs help, he turns to a rich man. Rich people do not often help poor people. They shut them out and or turn up their noses. In irony the poor are often more generous to poor people like them.

The generosity comes from understanding and feeling. Or empathy in short. It also comes from religion. Poor people are more religious than rich persons. Rich persons deep down scorn religion but pretend to it. A “just in case” and worldly veneration, titles like Knight, Baba Ijo, Baba Adinni and many such.

Rich people find new friends as soon as they are rich. The rich like the language of each other. Describe summer vacations, latest bag or car and how much the brats cost to learn horse riding.

As soon as they loose place and or fortune, they get thrown outside. The phones stop ringing. Then they seek those friends abandoned long ago.

The poor also have the same problem. Poor people do not like others to escape poverty from their circle. It bring jealousy and envy but not as biting as the rich class.

Nor extreme wealth or extreme poverty is good. The balance is in between.

Sam and the LadiesA soul and mind of contentment is a gift from heaven. I think the most desirable of all gifts. Everything passes away. We do not remember that.

Next time you are tempted to look down on another, pause and think! The earth does rotate. Do have a brilliant day.


Article by Ademola Henry Adigun


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