Sumu Wildlife Park: Namibia’s Gift to Bauchi state, Nigeria’s Pearl of Tourism

sumu wildlife park bauchi social prefect

Sumu Wildlife park is a game reserve located in Sumu, Ganjuwa local government area, Bauchi state, Nigeria. It is one of the three wildlife parks in Bauchi; the most popular being Yankari National Park. From Dass, it took us about 2 or more hours to get to Sumu. It was an uneventful but interactive ride. At this time, all of us on the Social Prefect Tour had gotten used to each other and knew what everyone was into, career or work wise. So, this made us to have various discussions and debates.

sumu wildlife park bauchi social prefect2.jpgUpon arrival at the wildlife park, we were warmly greeted by the staff there and they told us the history of the park. Sumu wildlife park was opened in 2006. The Namibian government donated a large number of wildlife specie to the Bauchi state government. It is said that a total of 279 animals were brought from Namibia to Bauchi, namely 10 Giraffes, 53 Burchell’s Zebras, 14 Elands, 23 blue Wildebeests, 21 red Hartebeests, 24 Oryxs, 26 Kudus, 52 Springboks and 56 common Impalas.

The animals were gotten from different game reserves in Namibia. They made sure that Sumu was safe for them; it is a fenced and game friendly forest reserve so it’s very suitable for the animals. Game guards and rangers watch over the animals.

sumu wildlife park bauchi social prefect3

We went on a safari ride through the forest and it was a very adventurous one. We spotted zebras, a giraffe, some impalas and waterbucks. There was just one safari truck, so we went in two batches.

sumu wildlife park bauchi social prefect4

After our batch was done, we played some outdoor games that reminded us of our childhood, like ‘suwe’ and ‘ten ten’.

sumu wildlife park bauchi social prefect6It was really fun; we laughed and had a good time. We left there at past 7 and headed towards Yankari national park where we spent the next two days…

Would you love to visit Sumu? Ring us today on 0803 442 1195.


Culled from SocialPrefect.Net


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