Summer Ideas: These Pictures of Fifth Chukker Polo and Country, Kaduna Will Blow You Away

I was scrolling through my WhatsApp Stories today when Dolapo’s stunning shots stopped me in my tracks. Immediately, I buzzed to inquire what country it was and to my surprise it was Nigeria! Omg!! Yes, I have heard of Fifth Chukker Polo and Country Club, Kaduna – and it’s even on my bucketlist. But I’d never seen such gorgeous images taken by anyone who’d visited the place. 

Without mincing words, this destination is undoubtedly one of the golden jewels of northern Nigeria. Now, Dolapo Olugbile (nee Kuyide) who shared her pictorial experience actually lodged at Fifth Chukker Polo and Country Club for a couple of days with her colleagues at work, for a retreat. According to her, though Fifth Chukker is primarily a polo arena, there’s more to the place than just polo – though the place actually comes alive during polo tournaments. And that’s a totally different experience entirely, you know. 

The club parades an amazingly lush greenery as well as an array of quad bikes for adrenaline junkies. There is a swimming pool, a tennis court and a basketball court. Each of these facilities come with their respective prices for usage but you just might be able to negotiate a free rite of passage, especially if you’re looking at a bulk order. 

The high point of the experience is a stay at the pony huts.

The bed are actually made like saddles, with buckles. Now, how cool is that?! 😎

The facility also boasts of 3-bedroom and 2-bedroom fully furnished villas – like a complete house suitable for families. 

And here is Dolapo with her colleagues posing for some relaxing shots. Thanks to the inimitable hospitality of Fifth Chukker. 

So having gotten a glimpse into the heart and soul of Fifth Chukker, what do you think? Wouldn’t be a bad idea for the coming summer, right? *winks*

Feel free to thank us later! Cheers!!


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