Ikogosi Warmspring: Ekiti’s Best Kept Secret

Can anything good come out of the Fountain of Knowledge? Yes. Ikogosi Cold and Warm Spring. It is Ekiti state’s best kept secret. Oozing out of the 3000+ year old rock is an immaculate endless spring of warm water 💦 flowing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The natural wonder of this amazing destination is so outstanding that when rain falls, the warm spring’s temperature doesn’t reduce. Instead, it gets hotter with steam visibly evaporating from it.

The purity of the water is so pronounced that #UAC bottles its #Gossy brand of bottled water directly from the spring without additives or preservatives. The spring also supplies the Resort’s nearby swimming pool for visitors who’d love a warm bath. Other things being equal, the spring is 50minutes away from the state capital, Ado Ekiti.

You might just fall in love with the warmspring and opt to stay over. The least room at the resort goes for 12k. Which might be negotiable, depending on the number of nights you’re staying.
The entry fee to the spring is N500 for adults and N300 for children. It’s best to come with a chartered vehicle and more fun if you’re in a group. There are no taxis or buses plying the Ikogosi route from Ado Ekiti the state capital. Of course, you can always come solo if you have affinity for adventure.
In all, the Ikogosi experience is a worthwhile adventure. It is yet another validation of the awesomeness of God’s creative wonders… And of course, #JoyWillTakeYouFurther 😊

More of this at Afrotourism.com


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