The Talking Drum Gate in Ibadan

What do you know about the Talking Drum Gate in Ibadan? Situated right at the entry and exit of the seat of power, this symbolic musical instrument has been an integral part of our lives for many generations.
For many centuries, the drum was used to sing the songs of war and peace. It was a potent weapon of communication among the various Yoruba tribes.

At birth and during a child’s christening, the drum heralds the arrival of a newborn. When you graduate from school or earn your vocational ‘freedom’ or even when you get married, the drum is there to proclaim your accomplishment to high heavens. And when you breathe your last and laid to rest, the drum is on standby to bid you farewell.

When next you visit Ibadan, you might want to drive through Agodi to behold The Talking Drum Gate. It’s a beautiful symbol of our culturally rich heritage and artistic legacy, as a people and as a nation.


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