FelaOnBroadway: What I Saw At His Kalakuta Museum 

As #FelaOnBroadway opens today in #Lagos, I asked Kunle Anikulapo-Kuti manager of the Afrobeat Legend’s home – the Kalakuta Museum – why none of Fela’s children has been able to match up to his level of radicalism. “Fela got to a point where he conquered fear. He feared nothing and no one – not even death.

Only few people can reach that crescendo in life”. Kunle further told us that, just like his father, he doesn’t allow his children to call him daddy. They all call him Kunle – his first name. “Maybe the heir who will really take after Fela is yet to be born”, we suggested. “Who knows?”, he retorted.

If you’re an enthusiast of Nigerian history and music, you should add The Kalakuta Museum to your bucket list. With just N500, you’ll be taken on a nostalgic journey through the world of one of Nigeria’s greatest musical exports, multi-instrumentalist and freedom fighter.

Fela was enigmatic man who married 27 wives in one day! A man who was a torn in the flesh of the Nigerian military dictatorship. A man who named his house after the name of his prison cell when he first thrown into jail. A man whose music reverberated around the globe. A man who was loved and respected by his nuclear and extended family. A man who founded his own political party in a bid to challenge the status quo and proffer an alternative to the ruling capitalist elite.

Though Fela died of AIDS, his musical legacy lives on. Here are some of Fela’s timeless and unforgettable words:

“With my music, I create change… Music is a weapon of the future… Music is the weapon of the progressives… Music is the weapon of the givers of life”.

“I don’t tell lies about anybody. That is why I win all my wars”.

“If it is not fit to live in, then our job is to make it fit.”

“You cannot sing African music in proper English”.

“I hold death in my pouch, I cannot die”.

“Pastor dress na him dey clean pass, e hard for my people dem to buy soap”.

“So so water for Africa, water underground, water overland… water for man to drink for town e no dey”.

“Everything I did wrongly is an experience… to be honest and truthful in all endeavors is an experience, not a regret”.

The End 😎


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