Sometime in April at Hotel Rwanda 

Every April, since 1994, Rwanda shuts down to commemorate the unfortunate genocide/ethnic cleansing that gulped at least 800,000 of its people – the Tutsis.

​This is Rwanda. A nation that never forgets and chooses not to live in denial of its gory past. This is Rwanda. A nation that knows that its future is not secure if it doesn’t constantly remind itself of its past.

This is Rwanda. A land-locked East African nation with a fast growing economy, industrious enough to generate electricity from Methane gas found in its only Lake Kivu.

This is Rwanda. A nation that now ranks among the top 3 easiest places to do business in Africa. You can actually register a new business in 15 minutes online; and it is free of charge.

This April, the Kwikuba torch has been lighted yet again. It is a torch that symbolizes the remembrance as well as the resilience and courage of Rwandans over the past twenty three years.

Nigeria and other nations of the world should take a cue from Rwanda. A nation at war with its own history can never make significant progress. A remembrance monument and museum is built in every district (equivalent of states). Every where you go, you see it. This helps the nation to put things in perspective when making decisions.

Like Rwanda, may we learn never to forget where we are coming from and how far we have come.

#Kwibuka23 #RememberUniteRenew #afrotourism #JoyWillTakeYouFurther


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