WakaaTheMusical: A Proudly Nigerian Tourism Export 

​When you write promotional probonos like this, it just has to come from an authentic place. Making up my mind to go watch WakaaTheMusical was easy, especially being a lover of the arts – with an uncanny taste for theatrical excellence.

You see, Wakaa is an enigmatic imitation of the Nigerian nation. It is a beautiful juxtaposition of ambition and deceit, politics and politricks, love and lust, family and loyalty. Wakaa is a witty yet thought provoking story of the rat-race and fast-paced life in modern day Nigeria.

Without giving away spoilers, it is remarkable to note that WakaaTheMusical is the first Nigerian musical to premiere at London’s West End. Bolanle Austen-Peters, the show’s producer, noted in a chat with ThisDay that the performance of the play in London came “in response to growing interests in productions of African origin across the globe, and various calls for us to take this production to the international community”.

Indeed, Wakaa is yet another testimony to the fact that Nigeria’s entertainment industry is a major tourism export that must be taken seriously. When Bolanle Austen-Peters Production debuted the SARO series, you’d think it was just a one-off stunt. This was simply because SARO shook the landscape, literally. The reviews were awesome and even critics couldn’t help but sing its praise to high heavens. We thought that was it. Then WAKAA came along, and we were blown away again many times over.

You know what? At this rate, I think I should just stop. Actually, I’d rather you go watch the play yourself to experience this proudly Nigerian product. And what’s more? You’ll be watching the show at the newly built Terra Kulture Arena, the 180-seater purpose-built theatre.

So brace yourself for an amazing time with some of Nigeria’s best thespians as they serenade you with good music, rib-cracking humor, great costuming, colorful lighting, crisp sound effects, excellent acting and unbelievable pop music adaptations.

Okay I’d better stop now before I go into the play scene by scene… lol… Finally, let me leave you to revel in some of the sights and sounds of Wakaa. Now, if I haven’t succeeded in convincing you thus far to attend the show, I’m sorry, nothing will. 😁🤡🕺🏼🎶🏃🏾 Bye for now!


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