MBA Eulogies: Whoomzy the Queen Mother

Our paths first crossed in Stream 2 class, Year 1, UNILAG MBA School. Knowing her was like slicing knife through butter. She has this Bermuda Triangle mien that pulls people to her like a magnet. Who can resist her beautiful personality? Haters, perhaps… Little wonder they say that beautiful people tend to be more friendly and likable. Well, she is all of that and more… 
Omowunmi Olatunji, our December baby, is not just another Yoruba Angel, she is an unusual combination of beauty and brains. She is a faithful wife, doting mother, caring daughter, passionate entrepreneur and loyal friend. Whoomzy’s life is simply a case study in excellence… And what’s more? Wunmi is one who looks at the brighter and sunny side of life. With a beautiful smile and piercing gaze, she struts her model-on-the-runway frame like a Queen Mother each day she steps into MBA school.

Now pause… Do you think Wunmi has a perfect life? Nope. No one does. Omowunmi is a strong Nigerian woman who has learnt to bear her pain with dignity. She is one who’d rather go the extra mile to make life easy for you – choosing not to burden you with her challenges. Those who know her know she has a high elastic limit. That moment when you think her patience has been exhausted, she surprises you with that powerful, timeless and potent weapon of silence. No matter who you are, student or lecturer, Wunmi will not flip out on you publicly. She’d rather let go than breach the peace. She knows that peace is cheaper than war. She is that decent.

Omowunmi my friend, as you clock a year older today, may wisdom be never far from you. May you grow in grace, love, peace and good health. When you call one, ten will answer for you. May the dews of heaven rest upon you. And may you live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Thank you, Wunmi, for everything. Happy birthday!
MBA Eulogies are written by Sam Adeleke, (Class Governor, Marketing Specialization, 2015/16 MBA UNILAG) in honor of his classmates during their birthday celebrations


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