MBA Eulogies: Taiwo T-Rock Osijo 

So what is your name?
I have lots of them. T-Rock. T-FineBoi. T-Daddy. T-Baby. T-Social. T-Dresser. T-ButtonUp. T-Music. T-HRManager. T-Mobile. T-Singer. T-Marketing. T-Peperempe. T-Lagos. T-Paparrazzi. T-Nigeria. T-Africa. T-Global. 
Oga, you haven’t answered the question. Who really are you? 
Akshually, I am a twin and my name is Taiwo Osijo. I was born exactly thirty-something years ago today. I am a husband of one, a man-friend to many and a father to all. I am funny, witty, intelligent, and easygoing. I love the beautiful things of life, especially the figure 8 – a special number within God’s massive creation. I am outspoken, unpretentious and straightforward. Many think I’m complicated but I’m as simple as ABC. I am multi-talented. I sing and I dance. Have you heard my hit single – Moleje Shicken? (I can chop chicken). That’s not a joke. It’s a real musical track I released in my first semester in MBA. You should check it out if you haven’t…
So T-Rock, you must be really leading an interesting life…
Yessoo! I believe in living life to the fullest and being all I can be. That’s why I contributed my quota during my days as the MBA Social Director and even participated actively in the last Family FunFair event though I was an ex-EXCO. You see, leadership is not about position. It’s about influence. And I’ve learnt to always live a life of relevance wherever I find myself. Not everyone may like me, but everyone will surely remember my name.
Indeed, we can’t forget the name T-Rock – a strong personal brand of monumental proportions. Happy birthday, bro. You’re the best!

MBA Eulogies are written by Sam Adeleke, (Class Governor, Marketing Specialization, 2015/16 MBA UNILAG) in honor of his classmates during their birthday celebrations


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