MBA Eulogies: Florence Warikam

Exactly this day last week, a gem and a diva in Marketing Specialization turned a year older. If you don’t know her, you might have heard of her. Her name is Florence, the heiress of the Warikam dynasty – a former PRO of the MBA Association. 

Born of Northern Nigeria extraction, this multi-lingual and multi-talented damsel has grown and evolved into one of Unilag’s most influential marketer. Like or hate her, Florence is one whose presence is always felt and whose absence is always noticed.

Eulogies like this are not just meant to massage one’s ego; they’re simply aimed at celebrating virtuosity. And Florence is one lady whose amazing life story is worth telling. First, she is one who places a huge premium on family. Show me a woman who cherishes her sister and loves her family like no other, I’ll show you Florence. Show me someone who’ll pay to take her sister out for a show and do anything to make her family happy, I’ll point Florence to you. That’s the stuff she’s made of. 

Second, Florence is an entrepreneur per excellence. She’s someone with an innovative spirit and a keen eye for problem-solving. You may not like her guts or methods, but she’s someone who’ll always deliver. Florence is someone who’ll look you in the eye and tell you when you’re right and when you’re wrong. She doesn’t speak tongue in cheek and wouldn’t call a spade a long spoon. She says it the way it is. 

If we have more people like Florence in our society, hypocrisy will indeed be at its lowest ebb. Dear Florence, this is a toast to the beautiful life you’ve lived and the many more which lies ahead. May your sun never set and may you keep soaring on eagles wings. Happy +1 week birthday 🎂💃 We love you!
MBA Eulogies are written by Sam Adeleke, (Class Governor, Marketing Specialization, 2015/16 MBA UNILAG) in honor of his classmates during their birthday celebrations. 


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