MBA Eulogies: Ken Ezeagu  

Kenechukwu is his first name. Ezeagu is his last name. FineBoy is his middle name. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you … our Birthday Boy of the Year! Make no mistake about it, Ken is not only a fine boy, he is a smart boy. An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Ken combines a unique blend of personal charm, wittiness and business acumen. He loves to be around people and you can rarely find him all by himself. 

Being around Ken is therapeutic; no wonder boys love him, and girls adore him. He is one who loves to be himself not minding whose ox is gored. He is the kind of person who sits in a class, listening to a lecturer with a can of drink beautifully positioned on his desk. Classy yet unassuming, bespoke yet undistracting. Ken’s sense of self-worth is indeed enamouring.

If you’ve taken time to reflect on your odyssey thus far in this ivory tower, you’ll acknowledge that there are some folks whose footprints have left indelible marks in your heart. There are some you don’t even want to sniff from a distance, and there are others you’ll always love to encounter over and over again. Ken belongs to the latter. He is not perfect, but he is surely a jolly good fellow.

Happy birthday, Ken. Keep being Ken!

MBA Eulogies are written by Sam Adeleke, (Class Governor, Marketing Specialization, 2015/16 MBA UNILAG) in honor of his classmates during their birthday celebrations. 


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