Memo to my adult son in future


Entrepreneurship struggle is for fools. You have to be a fool to choose the path and be lucky enough to meet more foolish people who either believe in you or believe in your product.

Stupidity is not a virtue. No matter how it is glorified or painted. Be smart. Hedge. Going “all in” is the greatest stupidity ever but do it only when you do not have a choice. I had choices but I thought I didn’t.

Great entrepreneurship is actually seeing all your choices clearly and working out compromises to maximize value. Don’t be afraid to work for someone first. Let them take all the risks while you learn. Your greatest asset in this world after “time” is “knowledge”.

ENTREPRENEUR - 3Absurd risk is only taken by fools. Don’t become a professional risk taker. Be a professional at identifying and mitigating risks. Learn about risk. Master it. Take chances but never let your back be against a wall you cannot climb over. Be determinate but not suicidal.

Relationships are important. Cultivate them. Cherish them. Don’t be manipulative, it never ends well. Everything you will become is because of relationships. Everything you will gain is because of relationships. True entrepreneurship is about building and extending relationships.

Empathy is not foolishness. Trust is built from empathy and sincereness. Trust is the foundation of relationships. Be trustworthy and keep your word. It is the key that opens all the right doors.

You can be anything you want to be but never become a struggling entrepreneur, be a smart one. Do it at the right time. I have suffered enough for all of you.

PS: Avoid MBA. Your mum and I have been there. Great entrepreneurship chooses you. You don’t choose it.

By Victor Asemota


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